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The Decathon project, there were two milestones that had to be hit. The first one revolved around creating a basic mock up for the pages so that there exists some kind of consistent design through out the mock ups. On the other hand, the second milestone required continuing to refine our design into a complete project.

For the first milestone we discussed how to realize the requirement aspects. Even though my template had been chosen as the standard, I found a fatal flaw with its design through the team discussion. If I click on a the aquaponic’s button to go to the aquaponic’s web page, how do I easily navigate to the HVAC web page? In response to this, the team decided to place a menu bar right underneath the header so that a user does not have to navigate back to home in order to go to a new function’s web page. Rather, the user would select a new item to view a new web page.

Another topic that we discussed is the essential parts to the house’s administration. Should security be consider as part of a main or minor function of the house? My argument for security to be a minor function based itself in the objective of the house. The house’s goal is not to secure its perimeters, but rather to management energy consumption and production. After our discussions, the team decided on six main functions: aquaponics, electricity, hvac, lights, settings, and water heater.

Since my team’s design was almost complete, for the second milestone we just did some minor updates to the mock ups. Essentially, we aim to create a design which was “finished.” Each group member was delegated the task to prepare for our group presentation by completing the changes in the list below.

Changes :

  • Reorganized login page and help page for a more coherent design with the other mock ups.
  • Ensure that all links are “active.”
  • Add a help button below the over status on the left side.
  • Move the logoff link from the user name to its own link.
  • Add the gradient back ground to the pages.