Robocode – 2010

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This project objective was to become more familiar with Java and Robocode by creating a custom robot.

For this project, I was required to create my own robot called WallRunner using the Robocode api. I first developed my strategy of sticking to the wall after realizing that sticking to the wall would be the best defense and offense for a robot. Basically, WallRunner would not need to check behind himself since the back is against the wall. Doing so would allow WallRunner to focus towards the center of the battle field.

Another reason why WallRunner sticks to the wall is the bullet hit potential is high. Since WallRunner shoots towards the center of the battle field, a bullet may miss the intended target, but due to the bullet’s direction, there still exists a possibility to hit another robot. In this way, I designed WallRunner for a free for all melee. Although in an free for all melee WallRunner may not last until the end of a round, WallRunner has a high probability to win the match due to the high percentage of bullet hits which relates to high amount of points.